4/28/93 Vol.138/#93 NJ General Assembly Resolution calling for Congressional Hearings & Special Prosecutor
11/10/93 Page E2843 Affidavit of Hector Rodriguez
10/10/93 Press Release Traficant introduces Congressional Resolution calling for appointment of Special Prosecutor To investigate Occhipinti case
11/4/93 Page 2773 Statement of Greg Kaye, Director New Jersey Political Action Committee
11/4/93 Pages 2773-2778 Index of Exhibits
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11/20/93 E3003 Counsel, National Hispanic Coalition
11/21/93 Page 3003 Two Affidavits by Richard Callaghan President, Federal Agents PBA
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2/8/94 Page E131-132 Affidavit of Hector Rodriguez
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2/28/94 Pages E269-270 Affidavit of Luis Rodriguez
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3/19/94 Page E465 Affidavit of Hector Rodriguez
4/24  /94 Vol.140/38 Affidavit of Det. Harry Hilderbrand, NYPD
9/23/94 Pages 1936-1941 Affidavit of NYPD Sgt. Lenny Lemer
11/14/94 Press Release Traficant uncovers Key Document in Occhipinti Case
1/24/95 Page E166 DEA Memorandum by S/A John Dowd
1/24/95 Page 163 DEA Investigation Report of Sea Crest Trading Company
1/25/95 Press Release Traficant & Molinari want Congressional investigation of Occhipinti case
1/26/96 Page E1733 Affidavit of William Acosta, Former, NYPD Internal Affairs Officer
9/27/96 Page E1734 Affidavit of Manuel De Dios, Former Editor, El Diario La Prensa


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