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FEBRUARY 7, 2001


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One Hundred Seventh Congress

BOB STUMP, Arizona, Chairman

FLOYD D. SPENCE, South Carolina
CURT WELDON, Pennsylvania
JIM SAXTON, New Jersey
JOHN M. McHUGH, New York
HOWARD P. ''BUCK'' McKEON, California
J.C. WATTS, Jr., Oklahoma
WALTER B. JONES, North Carolina
LINDSEY GRAHAM, South Carolina
JIM RYUN, Kansas
BOB RILEY, Alabama
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ROBIN HAYES, North Carolina
DON SHERWOOD, Pennsylvania
KEN CALVERT, California
ROB SIMMONS, Connecticut
JO ANN DAVIS, Virginia
ED SCHROCK, Virginia
W. TODD AKIN, Missouri

JOHN SPRATT, South Carolina
LANE EVANS, Illinois
GENE TAYLOR, Mississippi
MARTY MEEHAN, Massachusetts
VIC SNYDER, Arkansas
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ADAM SMITH, Washington
JAMES H. MALONEY, Connecticut
MIKE McINTYRE, North Carolina
ROBERT A. BRADY, Pennsylvania
BARON P. HILL, Indiana
JOHN B. LARSON, Connecticut
SUSAN A. DAVIS, California

Robert S. Rangel, Staff Director
Ashley Godwin, Legislative Operations Clerk



House of Representatives,
Committee on Armed Services,
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Washington, DC, Wednesday, February 7, 2001.

    The committee met, pursuant to call, at 1:07 p.m. in room 2118, Rayburn House Office Building, Hon. Bob Stump (chairman of the committee) presiding.

    Mr. SPENCE. The meeting will please come to order.

    It gives me great pleasure to officially hand over the gavel of this great committee to our new Chairman, Bob Stump, who I know will continue to lead us toward the common objective we have of restoring and maintaining our national defense for the good of our beloved Nation and the rest of the world.

    The CHAIRMAN. Thank you, Mr. Spence. It is going to be an honor and a pleasure to serve as Chairman of this committee. And having sat by your side for these many years, I know I have some large shoes to fill, but I will give it my very best. And thank you very much, Floyd, for all your many years of service to this committee.

    I want to say one thing right up front to Members, to staff, and to witnesses. This is the last time this committee will not start on time. If you are going to speak early, you better be here when the gavel goes down, because the names will be taken as the gavel goes down. You will be recognized in order of seniority of those present, rotating from one side to the other. Those that come in after the gavel will be recognized as they come without any reference to seniority or party.

    Let me make a couple comments. I do want to recognize my friend and colleague Floyd Spence for his service for these past years as Chairman of this committee. As a small token of our appreciation, Floyd, we want to present you with this ceremonial gavel, recognizing your tenure as Chairman and many accomplishments achieved in service to this Nation, to our many millions of men and women in uniform. I am just happy to present this to you at this time.
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    The committee will now entertain a motion to bestow upon Chairman Floyd Spence the title of Chairman Emeritus in recognition of his service, wise counsel, and the esteem in which we hold him in leadership.

    Wait a minute. Before we do that, Mr. Skelton, I apologize, would you like to make some comments? My apologies to my good friend.

    Mr. SKELTON. Absolutely, if I may. First, let me say, to my friend Bob Stump, congratulate him on his selection as our committee Chairman. Bob and I came to Congress together. Now we are in our 13th term together, and I consider him not only a personal friend, but a professional colleague. I know I speak for all the Members on our side of the aisle in saying that we look forward to working with you in the days ahead.

    Let me also, if I may, Mr. Chairman, commend our friend Floyd Spence for his outstanding job while he served as our committee Chairman. He did successfully guide this committee through some difficult issues, and we look forward to working with him as Chairman Emeritus. And he did a fine job. He made a lot of friends. We appreciate his dedication to our country, his exemplary service to the committee, and it is a fitting token of our appreciation that he be so entitled as Chairman Emeritus. Thank you.

    Mr. EVANS. Mr. Chairman.

    The CHAIRMAN. Let me get Mr. Spence to respond first.

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    Who said—okay, Mr. Evans.

    Mr. EVANS. Mr. Chairman, I want to salute you for the work that we have worked together in the Veterans' Committee. And you were eminently fair to us on the other side of the aisle. We appreciate it. You have made the Veterans' Affairs Committee more responsive to the veterans of our country, who deserve help from our Federal Government.

    I know, talking to Ike, that you have already been open to our input in the committee process. Thank you very much. We will miss your chairmanship on the Veterans' Committee.

    The CHAIRMAN. Thank you, Lane. I assure you we will carry that bipartisanship over to this committee. With the relationship between Mr. Skelton and myself all these many years, I think bodes well for what is going to happen.

    Now, anyone else want to be recognized before we proceed on with the business here?

    All right. Mr. Spence, any comments to make? Have you had enough?

    Mr. ABERCROMBIE. Mr. Chairman.

    The CHAIRMAN. I can't see who it is. Yes.

    Mr. ABERCROMBIE. Mr. Chairman, yes, Mr. Taylor and I would like to know whether a motion would be in order if we could draft Mary Bono back onto the committee.
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    The CHAIRMAN. Mr. Abercrombie, I have got a lot of problems, but I don't want to face that one. Any comments from you, Mr. Spence?

    The committee will now entertain a motion to bestow upon Chairman Floyd Spence the title of Chairman Emeritus in recognition of his service, wise counsel, and the esteem in which we have held his leadership on matters of national security.

    I recognize the gentleman from California Mr. Hunter for purposes of a motion.

    Mr. HUNTER. Thank you. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. And we all have a great deal of affection and esteem for Floyd. He led us through some very difficult times. With your permission, Mr. Chairman, I will always call Floyd Spence ''Mr. Chairman.''

    It is an honor to move that the gentleman from South Carolina Mr. Spence be elected to the position of Chairman Emeritus of the Committee on Armed Services for the 107th Congress.

    The CHAIRMAN. Any discussion? If not, you have heard the motion. Those in favor, vote aye. Those opposed, no.

    Ayes have it, and so ordered.

    Before proceeding with the remaining official business, I want to make a couple comments. First off, I want to welcome all the returning members and extend a special welcome to the nine new members we have on this committee. Having a new Congress and new Administration will provide us with an unprecedented opportunity to move beyond the politics of gamesmanship on defense matters to an era of bipartisan consensus on national security needs of this Nation. While this committee has always found a way to rise above the political fray, the same cannot be said for the rest of this town.
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    We face some important questions ahead, questions on how to allocate additional budget resources among an exceptionally large number of critical defense shortfalls—I am sure you have heard some of that today; questions on how to craft a national security strategy for the next decade that recognizes America's unique place in history while not selling short our most valuable national resource, our men and women in uniform, for whom Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution vests in us a sacred trust; and questions on how to reshape our national security apparatus to better meet the new responsibilities and realities and risks that the world presents us today and in the future.

    I welcome these challenges and believe we have an obligation to seize on this opportunity to set the national security of our Nation back on the correct course.

    Finally, I want to ask my colleagues to know that, in tackling this task, I intend to uphold the committee's tradition of bipartisanship and collegiality. While I hold strong opinions on many topics that this committee will address, I assure you I will respect the views of all members and will work to make sure all voices are heard on all debates on the coming issues.

    At this time I would like to recognize my friend and colleague and, as he mentioned, a member of the 1977 class, Mr. Skelton, for any comments that he may wish to make.

    Mr. SKELTON. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I appreciate your comments and guidance on the way ahead. I know you will be a fair chairman, and I also agree that we will have many challenges in this coming year. And while there will be disagreements, I know they will be civil, and I look forward to working with you as we meet those substantial challenges ahead.
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    Mr. Chairman, aside from introducing our new members, we have three business items on the agenda, as I understand it: the adoption of the committee rules, the adoption of the committee oversight plan, and the appointment of the committee staff.

    I want my colleagues on this side of the aisle to know that we have been consulted on the drafting of the committee rules and the oversight plan, and I also believe we have an excellent staff. I urge my colleagues to support all three resolutions that you will put before us today.

    Let me say this, if I may: I extend my personal thanks to you, Chairman Stump, for agreeing to include in the committee rules a new provision, this provision requiring the consultation with Minority on the scheduling of committee meetings and hearings. I appreciate that. This is a bipartisan step, and I believe it is a very constructive tone as we do begin our work in this the 107th Congress.

    With that, I thank you and look forward to the heavy lifting ahead. Thank you, sir.

    The CHAIRMAN. Thank you.

    At this time, I would like to introduce the new freshmen on our side of the aisle and then turn to Mr. Skelton for introductions on his side.

    First, I would like to recognize Heather Wilson. She represents, by the way, the First District of New Mexico. She was appointed to this committee in the latter part of last session, but never had the opportunity to attend a formal session, so this is her first time. She is a distinguished graduate of the Air Force Academy in 1982 and an Air Force officer until 1989. And Heather is the first woman veteran in American history to serve in Congress.
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    Welcome to you, Heather. Welcome to the committee.

    Ken Calvert. I don't believe Ken is here today. Ken is in his fifth term, but has just transferred to this committee, so he will be serving his first term here.

    Now, to the freshmen. Leading off the freshman class is Rob Simmons, representing the Second District of Connecticut. Rob spent 19 months as a veteran in Vietnam as an Army enlistee where he earned two Bronze Stars. He is also a former CIA officer and a former staff director for the Senate Intelligence Committee, I believe, under Senator Goldwater.

    Welcome, Rob, to this committee.

    Now we have Ander Crenshaw, who represents Florida's Fourth District, formerly represented by Tillie Fowler. Ander has served in both Florida's House of Representatives and Senate, and his district includes Naval Air Station Jacksonville and Naval Station Mayport.

    Welcome, Ander, to the committee.

    Next is Mark Kirk, who succeeds Representative John Porter to represent the 10th District of Illinois. A Reserve intelligence officer of the Navy, Mark has taken part in combat missions over both Iraq and Yugoslavia and has also worked on the staff of the House International Relations Committee.

    Welcome to the committee, Mark.
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    The first of our two new members from Virginia is Jo Ann Davis, representing the First District, America's First District as our late friend Herb Bateman used to say. And Jo Ann was one of the founders of the International Military Relocation Center, a firm that specializes in relocating military families around the world.

    We welcome you, Jo Ann, to this committee.

    The next member from Virginia is Ed Schrock, who represents the Second District formerly represented by our good friend Owen Pickett. Ed served two tours of duty in Vietnam, and his career as a Navy public information officer lasted 24 years. In 1988, he retired as a Navy captain. Welcome to the committee.

    Finally, Todd Akin, who has taken Jim Talent's old seat in the Missouri Second District. Todd served as an Army combat engineer and went on to spend 12 years in the Missouri Legislature.

    Todd, we welcome you to this committee.

    We are truly fortunate to have such a good group here, especially those with former military service. I believe this is the largest group of former military service people we have had for many, many years. We welcome you to this committee.

    I now would like to recognize Mr. Skelton to introduce his new members.

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    Mr. SKELTON. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

    Sitting here looking at the new members that we have, and I am going to welcome our two Democrats in just a moment, but, Mr. Chairman, it does seem like but two weeks ago that we were sitting down yonder. And I remember all the old bulls up here on the top row. And we will not forget that you have important views as well, and we will do our very best to work with you and welcome you and not do as the old bulls treated us when we were on the front row lo those many years ago.

    Let me introduce first Susan Davis. Susan comes from California's 49th District. That is Rob Andrews, that is not Susan Davis.

    Susan comes from California's 49th District. She served three terms in the California State Assembly. She served for nine years on the San Diego City School Board, including five as its president. And given San Diego's substantial military presence, we know she will be interested in many of our committee's activities.

    Susan, we do welcome you.

    I had trouble with the pronunciation of the last name of this next gentleman. I hope I get it right, and all of us will pronounce it right. Jim Langevin from Rhode Island's Second District.

    How did I do, Jim?

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    Mr. LANGEVIN. You did fine.

    Mr. SKELTON. All right. Jim served in the Rhode Island General Assembly from 1989 to 1995, and for the last five years as that State's, Rhode Island's, secretary of state. Jim's district is home to many electric boat workers, and we know he will be particularly interested in many issues that affect the Navy. He also has within his district the Navy War College, which is a premier institution of our professional military education.

    Jim, we thank you, and we welcome you, sir.

    The CHAIRMAN. Thank you, Ike. If you look up here and wonder how long it takes to get here, let me put it in proper perspective. When Ike and I came here 24 years ago plus, my seat was the empty seat right there next to Mr. Riley. I was the tail-end member the year I came on here. So it takes 24 years if you are looking to get up here. Now maybe with some term limitation you may move a little faster.

    But don't get discouraged. It has been a lot of fun all these years on the committee. You are going to enjoy it. I guarantee it.

    Now we have some resolutions and business I think we can hopefully move through very rapidly so that we can retire to our respective caucuses and do our formal subcommittee selection.

    Members have before them a copy of Committee Resolution Number 1 concerning the Committee Rules of the 107th Congress.
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    [The following information was submitted for the record.]


    Resolved, That the Committee on Armed Services, U.S. House of Representatives, adopt the committee rules for the 107th Congress, which are stated in the copy before each Member.


    The CHAIRMAN. This rules package was coordinated with Mr. Skelton and subsequently provided to all members' offices last Friday.

    Any discussion on any of the questions concerning this particular rule?

    Mr. SNYDER. Mr. Chairman.

    The CHAIRMAN. Yes, Dr. Snyder.

    Mr. SNYDER. Not a question, but just a comment on rule 6(d). For some of us who perhaps don't have as quick a mind of picking up some of this as some people do, when we get in that rush just before we do the defense bill, we have had occasions where subcommittees meet, pass the bill, and literally the next day the full bill was done.

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    According to our rules, there should be three calendar days between the time the bill is passed in subcommittee and is made available to the Members of the House. And in order to get around that, there is supposed to be a vote of the majority of this committee.

    I couldn't find any staff members who recall actually having votes to waive that, but I would hope that this next cycle that we plan on those three days between subcommittees' meetings, just not only for the benefit of the committee members, but for the benefit of the public so they can actually study the subcommittee reports before the full committee acts on the defense bill. Thank you.

    The CHAIRMAN. Thank you, Doctor. This has been a practice for many years. And perhaps we have kind of overlooked the rules, but there was a reason for it, and I think both sides always agreed to it, and that was, after we had a markup, we didn't go out and have it all undone when it became public knowledge out there, but rather would come back the next day and adopt it as quick as possible.

    But we will discuss these with you, and perhaps if there is a strong objection, we will work something out.

    If there is no further discussion.

    Any amendments? No amendments.

    You have heard the motion. Those in favor, vote aye.

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    Those opposed, vote no.

    The ayes appeared to have it. The ayes do have it. So ordered.

    I usurped Mr. Spence's responsibility. I apologize, Mr. Chairman. You have got the next one.

    Resolution Number 2.

    [The following information was submitted with the record.]


    Resolved, That the Committee on Armed Services, U.S. House of Representatives, adopt the committee oversight plan for the 107th Congress, a copy of which is before each Member.


    The CHAIRMAN. House rules require all House committees to adopt an oversight plan no later than February 15th. Members should have before them a copy of the proposed oversight plan for the 107th Congress. As well as in the case in the rules packets, the oversight plan was provided to all members at a previous time.

    Is there any discussion on the oversight plan? No further discussion.
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    Are there any amendments? No amendments.

    I recognize the gentleman from South Carolina Mr. Spence for the purpose of making a motion.

    Mr. SPENCE. Mr. Chairman, I move the adoption of Committee Resolution Number 2.

    The CHAIRMAN. You have heard the motion. Those in favor, vote aye.

    Those opposed, vote no.

    The ayes have it, and so ordered.

    Resolution Number 3.

    [The following information was submitted for the record.]


    Resolved, That the persons listed on the sheet before the Members, and such other personnel as may be required by the committee within the limits authorized under the Rules of the House of Representatives, and pursuant to the committee spending resolution, are hereby appointed to the staff of the Committee on Armed Services, U.S. House of Representatives, for the 107th Congress, it being understood that according to the provisions of law, the Chairman will fix the basic salary per annum:
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    The CHAIRMAN. The final item of business today is the committee staffing resolution. Members should have before them a Committee Resolution Number 3, which is a resolution appointing committee staff for the 107th Congress as well as a copy of the list of the committee staff.

    Is there any discussion on this? Hearing none, if there are no further discussions, the Chair recognizes the gentleman from South Carolina for a motion.

    Mr. SPENCE. Mr. Chairman, I move the adoption of Committee Resolution Number 3.

    The CHAIRMAN. You have heard the motion. Those in favor, vote aye.

    Those opposed, no.

    The ayes appear to have it. The ayes have it. And so ordered.

    I believe that is all we have. Closing comment before we adjourn. There is a form before you that I would ask all Members to sign, and it is a nondisclosure oath. Signing this oath is required by the House rules, and your compliance with the rule at this time by signing it would be greatly appreciated. Please leave your signed copy on the seat when you leave.
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    Second, I would advise members that the first hearing of this year will be scheduled for next Wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. sharp, and that the meeting will be closed. It will be a session to receive testimony from intelligence community officials on the nature of national security threats and challenges facing the United States.

    Let me stress that, in my opinion, this is one of the best meetings we will have, especially for the new members. It is important, and I urge all of you to make every effort to be here because you will find it very fascinating. And it is a closed meeting.

    Any further discussion?

    As far as the long-range schedule, I am sure that most people on both sides of the aisle are perhaps a little disappointed at the rumors or whatever they are that seem to be coming out of the White House, but we are trying to get some more information, and once we do, it will be made available.

    One final reminder, committee Republicans will convene in room 2212 at 2:00 p.m. to formally select subcommittee assignments for 107th. I urge all Republican members to proceed straight to room 2212 at the end of this meeting.

    Mr. Skelton.

    Mr. SKELTON. May I remind the Democrats, Mr. Chairman, of the meeting at 4 o'clock today in the same room, 2212, for the subcommittee assignments.
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    The CHAIRMAN. Anyone have anything else to add?

    Robert, do we have a roll of all those that are present and those who we are authorized to make selections for? What I am saying is, would it be possible for us to proceed down there immediately and take up this meeting, or do we have to wait until the 2 o'clock announced time? Now, there is one freshman absent that I introduced and wasn't here.

    Mr. RANGEL. Mr. Chairman, given that you have a sizable majority of the members here, we could note who are not present and make quick calls to their office to make sure that they are aware that you intend to proceed.

    The CHAIRMAN. All right. Then let us adjourn down to room 2212 if there is no further business. Maybe we can get started a little early and get you out of here. The meeting stands adjourned.

    [Whereupon, at 1:30 p.m., the committee was adjourned.]