Chart 1: Global Partnership Pledges
Donor Official 10 year GP Pledge GP Pledge in USD1
CanadaCAN$1 billion$800 million
European Uniong807=1 billion
Franceg807=750 million
Germanyup to $1.5 billionup to $1.5 billion
Italyg807=1 billion
Japan“a little more than” $200 million“a little more than” $200 million
United Kingdom$750 million$750 million
United States$10 billion$10 billion
Russia*$2 billion$2 billion
Finlandg807=15 million
Netherlandsg807=24.1 million
Norwayg807=100 million
Czech Republic$225,000$225,000
Swedeng807=10 million and $20 million
SwitzerlandCHF15 million$13 million
New ZealandNZ$1.2 million$870,000
AustraliaA$10 million$7.8 million
TOTAL $17.1 billion
* $19.1 billion including Russia

1Currency conversion accurate as of May 4, 2005. For more data on the Global Partnership, see our project's website at


Chart 2: G-8 Global Partnership Pledges as a percent of national wealth
Donor Official GP Pledge GP Pledge in USD Annual GP pledge as   percent of annual GDP3
Russia$2 billion$2 billion.0148%
United States$10 billion$10 billion.0096%
Italyg807=1 billion$1.3 billion
CanadaCAN$1 billion$800 million.0087%
Germanyup to $1.5 billionup to $1.5 billion.0069%
Franceg807=750 million$971 million
United Kingdom$750 million$750 million.0049%
Japan“a little more than” $200 million“a little more than” $200 million.0006%

3Annual GP pledge is based on to each donor's ten-year GP pledge. Annual gross domestic product figures are from 2002 and taken from the CIA World Factbook 2003. The European Union does not have a comparable measure of its “national” wealth and is therefore not included.