AARP Foundation
Revenues 1996 Actual 1997   Estimated 1998   Projected
Department of Labor: AARP Senior Community Services Employment Program (SCSEP) (1)$46,155,000$50,377,000$52,500,000
Environmental Protection Agency: AARP Senior Environmental Employment (SEE) Program (2)21,126,00018,000,000
Internal Revenue Service: AARP Tax-Aide (3)3,327,0003,267,0003,350,000
Housing and Urban Development: AARP Home Equity Information CenterD257,000D393,600D
Health & Human Services:
AARP Early Detection and Control of Breast Cancer ProjectD253,000D324,900D
AARP National Legal Assistance Support ProjectD40,000D132,700D112,500
AARP Technical Assistance Project for Statewide Legal HotlinesD40,000D110,400D75,000
AARP Suicide Evaluation and Prevention ProjectDD49,400D
AARP Ombudsman Training and Technical AssistanceD51,000DD
AARP Improving Early Access to Mental Health Services ProjectD87,000D66,500D
AARP Health Care Fraud and Abuse PreventionDD50,000D200,000
Department of Justice: AARP Hispanic Messaging for Anti-Telemarketing FundDDD133,400
Anticipated Grant AwardsDDD166,300
Total Federal Grants$71,336,000$72,771,500$56,537,200